Original tracks composed by Robin Beanland, Eveline Fischer and Dave Wise.
Acquired from Zophar's Domain.

Download them in either MP3 () or their original and much smaller SPC () format. To play SPCs, use SNESamp for Winamp or a stand-alone player such as Meridian or Audio Overload.
Original Track Arranged By #
Theme Israfel 01
Simian Segue Hemophiliac 02
DK Island Swing JigginJonT 03
Cranky's Theme Unknown 04
Cave Dweller Concert Adhesive_Boy 05
Bonus Room Blitz Icy Guy 06
Aquatic Ambiance Vigilante 07
Candy's Love Song Vigilante 08
Bad Boss Boogie Red Omen, Protricity 09
Mine Cart Madness Protricity 10
Life in the Mines Sadorf, S|r NutS 11
Voices of the Temple GrayLightning 12
Forest Frenzy zircon 13
Treetop Rock smh 14
Funky's Fugue bLiNd 15
Misty Menace Aetherius 16
Northern Hemispheres Prophecy 17
Ice Cave Chant analoq 18
Fear Factory GrayLightning 19
Gang-Plank Galleon Pt 1 Dhsu 20
Gang-Plank Galleon Pt 2 SnappleMan 21
The Credits Concerto Protricity 22

Original game content is copyright Nintendo.
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